Workshop of Administrative Regulation Regarding AACTL Revenue


On the 26 to 27 of January 2022, AACTL, I.P through directorate of licencing, Direção de Licenciamento e Acesso ao Mercado (DLAM) conducted a workshop on administrative regulation related to AACTL revenue. The main objective of the workshop was to discuss the fees charged to operators for the services provided by AACTL such as licensing, certifications, approvals, etc.  The fees collected will be the primary source of revenue for AACTL. The President of AACTL and the board member are participated in these 2 days event.

The participants attended at the event were ANATL, E.P., National Agencies and companies, which operating in the aviation industry in Timor-Leste. In addition, the said event was also participated by the Legal Officer, Technical and Finance and Administration from the office of Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MTC).

The topics covered on the first day of workshop covered: Certificate ofRegistration (C of R), Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A), Air Operator Certificate (AOC), Aerodrome, Air Navigation Services (ANS), Aviation Project/ Facilities, Aviation Security (AVSEC), Flight Approvals (FA), Ground Handling (GH), and Foreign License Validation (FLV). It was also demonstrated how to fill the receipt forms for each of these items mentioned. Participants were given the opportunity to provide comments, feedback and question and answer at the end of each presentation.

The activity on 26 January took a whole day long. The topics covered at the second day of workshops were Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO), Approved Training Organization (ATO), Aircraft Leasing (AL), Personnel Licensing (PL), Medical Provisions Licenses (MPL), and Annuity (operator – paid annual fee), then showed the relevant receipts. Similarly, there were discussion after the presentation and the workshop on the second day was concluded at midday.

The outcome of the two-day events comprises of allowing AACTL to gather thoughts and concerns regarding the charges or fees to be applied on each items of the Administrative Regulation as mentioned above prior to be processed and legalised. AACTL is the authority that will responsible for the implementation of this administrative regulation; therefore, AACTL is required to take in all concerns that raised by the participants, which are the aviation companies who will be charged on the items discussed above. On the same time, AACTL provided the satisfied answers to the questions and concerns that were raised based on the current applied national aviation rules and regulations of both national and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). These including the Decree-laws of Timor-Leste’s Civil Safety Regulations and other references that have been used in completion of this Administrative Regulation.


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