The Creation of National Committee on Aviation Security and Facilitation

The Creation of National Committee on Aviation Security and Facilitation

Dili, 10 December 2021 , Timor-Leste made an important step forward in the way it manages aviation security and the facilitation arrangements at the nation’s airports. It is a requirement of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for each nation to have a national committee for aviation security and facilitation. The role of the committee is to develop and oversee a national programme to improve the way these important fields are managed. This includes monitoring compliance with international standards set by ICAO.

Coordination is the key to success in these complex matters, and the establishment of the National Commission on Aviation Security and Facilitation by the Minister for Transport and Communications, H.E. José Agustinho da Silva, at its initial meeting on 10th December provided the foundation for all of the concerned entities to cooperate in the national interest. The meeting was attended by Government’s ministries, related agencies, airport operator and private sector in the aviation industry include airlines and ground handler. The meeting was observed by the Ambassador of Australia, Mr Peter Roberts, and Mr. Dan Daley, Representative of the USA Embassy.

The Minister for Transport and Communications, in opening the meeting commented that the aim of the Commission was to provide a forum for all the responsible agencies to exchange information and coordinate their actions. The aim is to discharge responsibilities better while delivering good service to the public. The Minister pointed out that the future for air travel in Timor-Leste is looking bright with upgrading of the aerodrome and the construction of a new passenger terminal in the pipeline, new air service agreements with other countries, and interest by airlines such as Qantas in operating flights to Dili. Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, international travel is beginning to recover, and the Commission can play an important role in preparing Timor-Leste to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

The President of AACTL presented the Commission with the third edition of the Timor-Leste Aviation Security Programme and a draft of a National Aviation Facilitation Programme, both designed in accordance with the guidance provided by ICAO. Presentations were delivered by Legal Adviser, Mrs. Cesaltina dos Santos de Araújo on the Ministerial Diploma No. 54/2021 on the Creation of National Committee on Aviation Security and Facilitation.

Important work ahead of the Commission includes continual improvement of Timor-Leste’s aviation security arrangements including matters highlighted by ICAO during an audit process. Covid-19 has impacted Facilitation arrangements at airports everywhere, and ICAO has worked with other international bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO) to amend its standards to implement public health protective measures more effectively in the future. ICAO also has highlighted the need to apply standards to facilitate travel by people with disabilities. These and other matters can now be addressed through a consultative process engaging all of the concerned entities. (Info: AACTL)

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