General competency of Licensing and Market Access Division

The Department of Licensing and Market Access verifies the requirements for operators to access the activity and the market, supervises the activity of licensed companies, and proposes measures to regulate the economy of air transport activities.

Business Licensing Department

The Business Licensing Department is competent to, inter alia:
a) Instruct the processes for granting, altering, suspending, and cancelling operating licenses for the activity of scheduled and non-scheduled air transport, aerial work, and ground handling;
b) Instruct the processes for issuing route licenses; c) Authorize the exercise of aerial work by foreign operators;
d) Proceed with the verification of the licensing requirements for air operators and ground handling;
e) Analyze projects of economic and financial viability, conditions related to ownership and control and nationality, as well as other requirements foreseen in the regulations applicable to license granting applications;
f) Monitor the activity of all licensed companies, namely by analyzing the economic and financial impact of requests to change transport and aerial work licenses and ground handling;
g) Evaluate and permanently monitor the economic and financial situation of the companies;
h) Consider and inform about requests for temporary fleet reinforcement;
i) Appreciate and inform about long-term aircraft leasing contracts entered into by Timorese air carriers;

Market Access and International Cooperation Department

In the Department of market access and international cooperation, the following competencies are found:
a) Collaborate in the preparation of rules for the distribution of traffic rights and respective implementation;
b) Follow and monitor the compliance by air carriers of the provisions of the Air Transport Department agreements and the relevant national legislation and regulations, including the analysis and allocation of traffic rights and approve programs of regular and non-regular;
c) Propose to the board of directors for approval the rules for slot allocation at airports and aerodromes;
d) Distribute slots at airports and aerodromes in Timor-Leste;
e) Maximize the capacity of Timor-Leste's airports and aerodromes;
f) Determine the level of coordination for each airport or aerodrome in Timor-Leste;
g) Monitor compliance with the rules for slot allocation at airports and aerodromes;
h) Elaborate the justification studies for the suggestion or attribution of subsidies or other forms of assistance to supply market failures, as well as to monitor the exploitation and fulfilment of resulting contracts;
i) Ensure the stability of the regulatory framework in force and promote the dissemination of its competences and initiatives, as well as the rights and obligations of air transport operators;
j) Grant flyover and technical scale authorizations in national territory for commercial flights of foreign aircraft;
k) Authorize commercial and private flights involving aerodromes not open to international traffic;
l) Approve aircraft lease contracts, of short duration, entered into by national air carriers as lessee;
m) Approve or give an opinion on air transport tariffs, as well as on the conditions of their application, proposed by the economic agents of civil aviation to or from third countries, or to the regular Air Departments on routes subject to the imposition of Public Department obligations;
n) Supervise and regulate the behavior of Department providers as economic agents and safeguard the functioning of the market;
o) Collaborate in the negotiation of international treaties and agreements in the field of civil aviation.

Statistics and Economic Analysis Department

1. It is incumbent upon the Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis to collect, process, and systematize data from the civil aviation sector to produce and disseminate statistical data, enjoying full scientific autonomy for this purpose.
2. It is incumbent, in particular, on the Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis:
a) Development of statistical skills specific to the sector, through research and training;
b) Produce and deliver to the remaining Departments all statistical information relevant to the accomplishment of the respective attributions;
c) Produce and publish, free of charge and periodically, statistics on the sector of general interest;
d) Produce and publish, free of charge and periodically, economic analysis works on the sector of general interest;
e) Produce and deliver to POFAR, works and statistical compilations of specific interest about the sector;
f) Compile information received from abroad on markets in the civil aviation sector, proceed with their interpretation and validation, promoting their dissemination;
g) Establish the link with the operators and other relevant actors to collect the relevant information;
h) Organize its documentation system in cooperation with the Department of Heritage Resources, ensuring the management and development of computer systems for the dissemination of statistical information;
i) Respond to requests from external official entities on statistical information in the sector, namely, the Directorate-General for Statistics;
j) Represent AACTL before national and international organizations related to statistics, namely, the Directorate-General for Statistics.