Administration and Finance Division - AAFD

  • 1. The Administration and Finance Department concentrates several materially related support activities for AACTL;
    2. It is incumbent upon the administration and finance department, namely:
    a) Proceed with the budgetary and equity accounting records of all operations carried out;
    b) Process the payment of subsistence allowances inherent to travel in the Department;
    c) Manage, monitor and control all procedures for registration, accounting and processing of ANATL revenues;
    d) Calculate the revenues from ANATL, E.P .;
    e) Manage and prepare expenses payments made by working capital;
    f) Manage the treasury;
    g) Establish relationships with suppliers and develop the processes inherent to the maintenance of departments necessary for the normal functioning of the Institute in compliance with the rules of supply;
    h) Organize and maintain the registration of assets, in an appropriate support, indicating their value, situation and allocation;
    i) Manage AACTL's assets and all those that affect him;
    j) Carry out periodic checks on the condition and functionality of the assets and inform the board of directors of abnormal situations;
    k) Coordinate the operation of the departments of general maintenance and cleaning of facilities, equipment and vehicles, as well as the security of buildings;
    l) Manage the material resources of AACTL, namely in terms of availability, state of conservation, maintenance and use costs;
    m) Control consumption, registering entries and exits and providing adequate stock replenishment;
    n) Contribute to ensuring good communication with the other Departments to keep the procedures defined internally updated and implement any improvements;
    o) Monitor the level of the Department provided to external customers, namely, by controlling the dates of entry and exit of the various processes and the respective total deadlines;
    p) Manage, analyze and control the working fund allocation, refund and accountability process;
    q) Carry out bank reconciliations;
    r) Manage and control the financial flows of AACTL;
    s) Manage and control the assets of AACTL;
    t) Organize and manage the AACTL documentary collection, updating it permanently.