Flight Safety

The Flight Safety Directorate (FSD) defines, regulates, oversees and operationalizes the flight safety policies related to aircraft operations, aeronautical personnel and airworthiness, and harmonize operating regulations by drafting the respective directives, procedures, safety and advisory circulars and guidance documents.

The Directorate ensures that aircraft registered under Timor-Leste register are properly designed, manufactured, operated and maintained, that operators effective discharge their maintenance management responsibilities, aircraft maintenance engineers are competent to exercises their certification privileges, and general aviation activities meet the required level of safety standards. The FSD also ensures that all foreign registered aircrafts operated in commercial air transport operation to/from or within Timor-Leste are operated and maintained in accordance with ICAO Standards, as well as the terms of an air operator certificate (AOC) and associated operation specifications issued by the State of Operator.

In order to discharge its allocated functions/responsibilities, described under AACTL internal regulations, the Flight Safety Directorate headed by Director/Chief Inspector, is divided in 3 Departments managed by Department’s Managers/Inspectors:

  • “Airworthiness and Personal Licensing”
  • “Aircraft Operation”
  • “Quality Control”

In order to comply with its allocated functions, the Flight Safety Directorate (FSD):

Regulates and oversees the compliance with national/international standards for airworthiness, operation of aircraft and licensing of aircraft personnel;

  1. Identifies and enforces the effective implementation of the technical requirements related to matters within its competence, contained in national civil aviation legislations and regulations;
  2. Conducts the respective audits, inspections, investigations and tests;
  3. Process and maintains the respective certification, licensing, authorization and validation procedures;
  4. Provides the studies, opinions and proposals for norms and measures of a regulatory, administrative and technical nature;
  5. Monitors and enforce the effective implementation of Operator’s SMS and promote a safety culture of respective stakeholders through safety programs, guidance and trainings;
  6. Regulates, monitors and enforces the dangerous goods matters in Timor-Leste;
  7. Implements and reviews the State Safety Programme (SSP)
  8. Manages and coordinates the USOAP CMA activities
  9. Coordinates and liaises with ICAO on the matters relating to State Letters;



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