Air Navigation Services

The Air Navigation Services (ANS) Directorate is responsible for regulating and overseeing the operation of safe and effective air navigation services in the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste as required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with objective to ensure that Timor-Leste airspace is safe for aircraft operation. Air navigation services included under the regulatory oversight of ANS Directorate, are services provided to air traffic during all phases of flight operation that include Air Traffic Management (ATM), Communications, Navigations and Surveillance (CNS), Meteorological Service (MET), Search and Rescue (SAR) and Aeronautical Information Services (AIS).

The  Directorate is also responsible for the approval of Instrument Approach Procedures Design Standards (PANS-OPS) and the licensing of Air Traffic Controllers as well as for Airspace Management.

The Directorate formulates and implements the policies, norms, standards, procedures and criteria, and technical guidance in the field of air navigation.

In order to discharge its allocated functions/responsibilities, described under AACTL internal regulations, the ANS Directorate headed by Director/Chief Inspector, is divided in 3 Departments managed by Department’s Managers/Inspectors:

  • “ATS/AIS/PANS-OPS/Airspace”
  • “MET/SAR”
  • “Licensing and Training”

In order to comply with its allocated functions, the Air Navigation Services (ANS) Directorate:

  1. Regulates and oversees the air navigation services providers including air traffic management services, communications, navigation and surveillance, aeronautical information services, procedures for air navigation services, cartography or any other services relating to ANS in accordance with applicable regulations;
  2. Approves and certifies the ANS infrastructure and services as well as future development plans
  3. Provides and maintains the aeronautical information publication (AIP) in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  4. Performs the regular audits and periodic inspections on the operation, readiness and quality of the facilities of the airport and the service providers in order to ensure compliance with the ICAO Standards and Timor-Leste’s aviation laws and regulations
  5. Prepares, updates and publishes the manuals, circulars of aeronautical information, NOTAM and other aeronautical documents
  6. Conducts oversight and plans the new CNS systems, harmonizes the technical requirements with the ICAO SARPs and Timor-Leste aviation regulations.
  7. Develops, maintains and enforces the licensing regulations and requirements for air traffic controllers including medical and technical examinations;
  8. Monitors and enforces the effective implementation of ANS Operator’s SMS and promotes a safety culture of respective stakeholders through safety programs, guidance and trainings;
  9. Co-ordinates all aviation meteorological services nationally and internationally;
  10. Monitors the ATS/ANS incidents and makes available the analysis/feedback to the stakeholders.
  11. Participates/cooperates in Search and Rescue (SAR) Services



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