Directorate of Administration and Finance

The Directorate of Corporate Affairs is responsible for the administration of human resources, finance, procurement, library and information-communication-technology (ICT) management within the Civil Aviation Authority of Timor-Leste (AACTL) and carries out the institutional development function.

The Directorate of Corporate Affairs also provides secretarial services to the AACTL Board.

In order to discharge its allocated functions/responsibilities, described under AACTL internal regulations, the Directorate of Corporate Affairs headed by Director, is divided in 3 Departments managed by Department’s: Managers:

  • “Administration and Finance”
  • “Human Resources”
  • “Institutional Development and Information/Communication”

In order to comply with its allocated functions, the Directorate of Corporate Affairs:

  1. Prepares, implements and maintains the administrative procedures that cover the affairs of finance, staffing, procurement, library and information and communication technology (ICT) management in accordance with applicable national legislations/regulations;
  2. Develops and implements the business plans and budgets;
  3. Establishes and implements the effective Financial & Property Management System;
  4. Develops and maintains the human resources management system including records keeping management.
  5. Establishes, manages and maintains the AACTL library;
  6. Defines the policy and strategy relating to AACTL institutional development and information and communication and technology (ICT) management;
  7. Creates and maintains the AACTL website;
  8. Drafts and submits the respective reports to AACTL Boards;
  9. Provides administrative services to the AACTL Board



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