Directorate of Market Access

The “Licensing and Market Access Directorate” carries out the licensing, supervisory and administrative activities relating to aircraft operator’s access to activities and Timor-Leste market.  The Directorate formulate and implement economic policy on air transport and proposes the measures for the orderly development and expansion of air transport in Timor-Leste on a sound economic basis and advises the AACTL Board on the economic aspects of the aviation industry in Timor-Leste. The Directorate also formulate the policy on air service agreement and advice the Board during negotiation processes. 

The mandate of the Licensing and Market Access Directorate is mainly related to issuing the air transport licenses and flights approvals, international cooperation and economic/statistical analysis/research. 

In order to discharge its allocated functions/responsibilities, described under AACTL internal regulations, the “Licensing and Market Access Directorate” (LMAD) headed by Director, is divided in 3 Departments managed by Department’s: Managers:

  • “Commercial Licensing”
  • “International Cooperation and Market Access”
  • “Economic Analysis and Statistic” 

In order to comply with its allocated functions, the Licensing and Market Access Directorate:

  1. Formulates and implements the policies, norms and criteria in the field of scheduled and non-scheduled commercial air transportation;
  2. Assesses the air-transport operators for issuing a commercial license for Timor-Leste aviation market in accordance with applicable legislations/regulations;
  3. Issues the flight approvals/authorizations for operation to/from and within Timor-Leste airspace;
  4. Prepares and maintains the template air transportation agreements (ASA) proposed to be concluded with other countries, follows up their conclusion and enforcement, suggests the amendments to existing agreements and takes part in related meetings and consultations;
  5. Supervises the air transportation rights granted to national and foreign carriers;
  6. Ensures that aviation companies comply with implementation of the provisions of air transportation agreements.
  7. Develops, reviews and maintains economic regulations on air transport in accordance with ICAO air transport policies;
  8. Provides, analyses and publishes the aviation statistical data
  9. Analyses the air transportation fee and charges and control their implementation after approval thereof;
  10. Develops the regulations and takes the required actions to protect and indemnify air travellers, according to the provisions of international conventions signed or acceded to by the State.
  11. Examine complaints submitted against aviation companies operating in the Timor-Leste in accordance with respective air transport regulations.



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